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High productivity machining of holes in Inconel 718 with SiAlON tools

Resumé: Inconel 718 is often employed in aerospace engines and power generation turbines. Numerous researches have proven the enhanced productivity when turning with ceramic tools compared to carbide ones, however there is considerably less information with regard to milling. Moreover, no knowledge has been published about machining holes with this type of tools. Additional research on different machining techniques, like for instance circular ramping, is critical to expand the productivity improvements that ceramics can offer. In this a 3D model of the machining and a number of experiments with SiAlON round inserts have been carried out in order to evaluate the effect of the cutting speed and pitch on the tool wear and chip generation. The results of this analysis show that three different types of chips are generated and also that there are three potential wear zones. Top slice wear is identified as the most critical wear type followed by the notch wear as a secondary wear mechanism. Flank wear and adhesion are also found in most of the tests.

Read the article here: Esaform 2016 Arruti Inconel718 Sialon V2


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