Seminar: Production of large parts

The production of large parts – such as giant wind turbines is facing major challenges, as components grow bigger.

A new processing system will alter the basic concept where the wind turbine components are brought to centrally located machining centres. In the future the proces is reversed and maching concepts will be brought to the individual component.

As association of six partners consisting of companies within the industry and universities, led by DAMRC are teaming up to develop a cost efficient ultra-flexible milling machine for the wind industry. The project being fundede by the Innovation Fund, Denmark.

The development of this new processing system will result in a significant reduction in the processing costs associated with the production of wind turbines as well as create many new jobs in the industry.

We invite everebody with an interest in solving these aspects to attend a seminar on November 8.

The invitation will provide you with further details. Please, read more and sign up here

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