Danish Advanced Manufacturing Research Center

The latest knowledge turned into practical solutions

DAMRC turns the very latest knowledge into practical solutions and industrially-relevant training within new materials & manufacturing.

Collaborate approach

In order to ensure a high knowledge level in DAMRC, we cooperate with a wide range of organizations and institutions including companies, universities and research institutes.

Protect your competitiveness

DAMRC was founded with the mission to protect competitiveness for Danish companies. Especially within machining, metalworking and composite materials.

Courses and Seminars

We offer a wide range of courses, practical as well as theoretical and for a wide range of students from technicians an engineers to operators. Most of our courses are taught in Danish, but of course we are able to teach in English as well. In case you should be interested, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Read more about our courses at www.damrc.dk.